Watering lettuce – Less is more!

Watering lettuce with a quarter less water during growth is not only cost-effective and environmentally favorable, but also provides a longer shelf life of harvested lettuce. In addition, less watering results in reduced browning of cut lettuce leaves and the lettuce has a longer fresh look on your table. However, most importantly is that the microbiological quality of lettuce is maintained and even improved.


These are just some of the results of the Veg-i-Trade, which investigates climate change on food security . In these times of crisis, any reduction in costs is important to the vitality of agriculture and horticulture. In addition, the rational use of water is very important in the development of sustainable agriculture and helps to reduce water shortages due to climate change. It should be borne in mind that as much as 70 percent of water consumption occurs in the context of agriculture.


In addition to the amount of water, It is important that the water is microbiologically and chemically correct. There are numerous poisonings with fruits and vegetables watered and sprayed with water that is chemically inadequate. ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away”  could be easily turned into its exact opposite when eating apples sprayed with water that contains fecal microorganisms or pesticide residues. Tests have shown that the washing of apples, for example with warm water and detergent is needed to remove residues – primarily chemical contaminants. For those sensitive consumers, it’s even better ( despite the loss of important nutrients ) that the apple is peeled .


Veg-i-Trade is a European consortium of 23 partners from ten countries, which examines the impact of climate change and globalization on safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The project is coordinated by the University of Ghent. One of the participants is the Departement of Food safety and Quality management from the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade


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