Sustainability Network started with its work in Paris, in 2012. Connecting professionals and scholars in sustainable development and affiliate fields, we try to popularize and discuss on how sustainable development is conceived nowadays. Members:


Juan José Egas follows the Master in Rural Development Programme at Ghent University, Belgium. He has worked on food security, food sovereignty and rural development issues since 2009.


Andrea Martinez Galarza studied a Master in Sustainable Territorial Development. She made this program in Italy, Belgium and France. She is studying in the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences at Paris (EHESS), and working in themes of habitat, housing and urban development.


Ana Marija Popovic obtained her Masters Degree in Sustainable Territorial Development at Paris Sorbonne University, France. She works as a consultant in the area of destination development and place branding. She is a partner in Destination Office.

Jovana Tomic

Jovana Tomic is a postgraduate scholar taking InterUniversity programe Master of Science in Food Technology organized at Ghent University and KU Leuven, Belgium. Passionate about Research & Development she is always searching for fresh ideas in food production.


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